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It is vital that you send in your Consultation Forms

Dear All

As in previous consultations we have asked you to hold back from responding immediately until we have taken advice from our planning experts.  On our behalf they have examined in detail the various reports and studies and we are now in a position to advise you on what action we recommend you take when responding to the current consultation running from Monday 15th  February to Friday 9th April 2010.

The experts have produced a full report which will form the basis of the responses by our Parish Councils.  However, for your benefit the have produce a comprehensive précis to help you answer the seven questions set out in the U.D.C questionnaire, (see below).  To view the précis, click here.

Those of you who have replied to the previous consultations will find that some of the points are very similar to before. However, we have to respond and the expert advice explains why a housing estate of 3000 houses in Elsenham is totally wrong.

Most of our earlier objections have not been addressed by U.D.C, please point this out in your response. This consultation seeks to justify a decision already taken, rather than providing a basis to arrive at an informed decision. This new consultation seeks not to re-open the debate about a ‘new settlement’ north-east of Elsenham; this remains the ‘preferred option’ despite the ‘studies’ on water and transport being critical of this development. Other proposals for ‘new settlements have been put forward by developers, but are not an active part of this consultation. The new ‘options’ relate to where the additional 1,000 dwellings could be located. Six options are put forward, but all six include the 3,000 dwelling ‘new settlement’ at NE Elsenham.

How do we respond?  

As before, we are asking you to reply in droves. In February you should have received through you letter box addressed to the 'Occupier' a copy of the pamphlet called 'Developing Uttlesford' and an accompanying response form form.

If you have mislaid the original or need more copies you can download further them from the U.D.C. Website by double-clicking on the pictures below.


You can respond in three ways:

1. Fill in by hand and post off to Uttlesford in the pre-paid envelope. (Copies can be downloaded easily from the Uttlesford Site).

2. Fill in the same form online and send off by email to Uttlesford to Lynn Rusling at  This is quite an easy process and because it is sent by ordinary email rather than Limehouse, you can use the same email address any number of times.

3. Write a freehand letter to Uttlesford - (we do not think this is wise).

The address is:
 Planning Policy Team, Uttlesford District Council, PO Box 13, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 4YJ.

Additionally, all those who responded to the last Limehouse Consultation have been sent emails inviting them to use Limehouse again.  Caution here as the questions by this method relate to the full 160 odd page 'Uttlesford Core Strategy - Further Consultation on Preferred Options, February 2010.  To the ordinary mortal this is a mind boggling exercise and only one response can be sent per email address as before.  We would not recommend this other than perhaps to formulate a corporate village response which others can view should they go to Limehouse.


Whatever method you choose it is essential that you leave Uttlesford in no doubt that you object to the councils preferred Option 4.


We advise that you use unambiguous bullet points that cannot be misinterpreted.


Please remember that everyone in your family can respond, not just 'The Occupier'.



As before, we would like to receive copies of your responses if you are able. Copy emails to

This will not be possible with an on-line submission, unless you print out a spare hard copy. If you do, please send them to either:

Bill Bates at Stone Cottage, High Street, Henham CM22 6AS, (if you live in Henham)


Chris Bush 2, Coriander Drive, Elsenham, CM22 6DL, (if you live in Elsenham)


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Together we are sure we can make Uttlesford see sense

Site Designer and Manager

 Bill Bates