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The Burns Night Supper, Friday 29 January 2010 at Elsenham Memorial Hall
Raised a grand total of £530.
A great effort by all concerned

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Jennifer Jarvis and Ruth Fulton continue to hold Coffee Mornings every fortnight in the Memorial Hall, Elsenham between 9.30am and 11.30am.

Last year we raised £1100 and this year (2009)we have raised £1135.

All food is home-baked - come and have a coffee and a natter!!

Donations of raffle prizes would be gratefully received and you can call Jennifer (814434) if you have anything to donate.

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St Andrews Evening, Friday 20 November,

Elsenham Memorial Hall raised a grand total of £311

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Latin night of “SALSA” music & dance.

Saturday 14 November Henham Village Hall raised £320

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St David's Day and St Patrick's Day

Friday 6 March at the Memorial Hall, Elsenham was a huge success and raised £354.

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 Disco Fever

The Christmas disco spectacular at the Village Hall on the 20th December was a great success raising £500 for the Save our Villages campaign. Much appreciation goes to many of the Dads for helping to organise the event, especially John ‘Foxy’ Fox for his overall stewardship, promotion and organisation. The highlight of the evening was a John Travolta inspired dancing competition between six lively Henham Dads that was comfortably won by Scott Robertson. Give that man a white suit and he is ready for the remake of Saturday Night Fever. A new bottle of beer from the Saffron Brewery that we were unable to auction on the night is ‘Rudolph’s Revenge’. This features Danny ‘boy’ Kodesh in his birthday suit along with a strategically placed Rudolph head and a fancy dan wrist watch.  A woman was seen running off with the bottle allegedly for her mother to consume on Christmas Day. By the way, I’m told ‘Rudolph’s Revenge’ was decided upon after ‘Wee Willie Winkie’, ‘Chickney Chump’ and ‘Stallion Nectar’ were ruled out at the last minute. Future beers that Tony has lined up include ‘Le Renard’ featuring Robert Fox dancing an Irish jig. Please take note that more than one bottle of this potent concoction can induce nauseousness.

What is a Henham Dad?

There is still some confusion about the definition and derivation of the term, ‘Henham Dad’. Obviously, all males with children living in Henham are ‘Henham Dads’ and when the call goes out for volunteers to help with organising various village events, all villagers are welcome to join in - even people without children.

When we originally came up with the name ‘Henham Dads’ to refer to the village football team, it was to convey the fact that we are not spring chickens but that we are based in Henham. The name was not intended to exclude any particular groups of people from joining our club. We play at the school on a Thursday evening at 8pm and everyone is free to join. It took James Goodchild over a year to pluck up the courage to join because he didn’t have a child at the time and I can’t believe the reason for having little Elliott was that he considered himself eligible to join the local football club. We welcome people from the surrounding villages, we welcome women and men of all abilities, with or without children.

Players can also take part in other activities that are organised from time to time, such as a recent trip to the pantomime in Bishop’s Stortford with the kids. Our next event is an indoor 5-a-side competition at the Romeera Centre on Sunday 8th February.  We are hoping that around five teams will be available to complete a line up of sensational afternoon football.


An ugly sister or is it one of the Dad’s ready to party?

Steve Inkley

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Quiz Night Saturday 8th November at Elsenham Village Hall
Raised a brilliant £908.  Well done to Jennifer, her mum Ruth, Andre and Petrina Lees and of course to all of you who attended'

Additionally, we have some quiz sheets at a cost of £1 each for a first prize of £50. Purchase from – Jennifer Jarvis, 24 Broom Farm Road, Elsenham (814434) or from Henham village shop, TJ Poppins, Barkers Garage, Post Office

Quiz Night

Saturday 21st June at Elsenham Village Hall

An excellent evening organised by Petrina and Andre Lees, Jennifer Jarvis, Ruth Fulton and all the other helpers.  The hall was full, (I believe there were seventeen tables), and the food, especially the cakes was great.  The questions were very fair and it was obvious that everyone had a great time.  A splendid £851 was raised towards campaign funds.  Thanks to all involved and all who attended. Brilliant!!


Rounders Tournament 1st June at Woodend Green

A thoroughly  enjoyable afternoon which saw ten teams from Henham fighting it out to become the 2008 Save Our Village Rounders Champions. Over the afternoon, an estimated 400 people turned up to watch the competition, sample the excellent food and drink, picnic on the green and generally have a great time. Many thanks to the organisers, especially Gerry and Sheena Bigland, Karen Lafferty, the umpires, people manning the stalls and all the other helpers.  So far the grand total raised is a magnificent £610.  Brilliant!

The finalists were the 'Tennis Juniors' and the 'Little Fishes' seen above.  The Tennis Juniors won by a convincing 13 points to 4 1/2 and Alice Brooks, their team captain received the trophy from Councillor Don (Indiana) Sturgeon.
Well done everyone!

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70's Disco In Aid of Campaign Funds.

 Saturday 19th January 2008
at 7.00pm at The Cock, Henham

An outstanding success and a great time was had by all.



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End of Consultation Rally - Outside the Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden

Friday 11th January 2008 – 1.30pm

To mark the end of the six week Consultation Period, a good crowd braved the rain to go to the Uttlesford District Council Offices in London Road Saffron for a rally,

A bit wet but so what!

Petrina and Stewart

The meeting was addressed by Petrina Lees and Stuart Pimblett, the Chairman of Elsenham Parish Council. Both thanked everyone for their efforts tremendous efforts over the past few weeks and Stewart presented Councillor Susan Barker, the Chair of the Environmental Committee with the Elsenham objections to the Preferred Options, see above. Henham’s had been submitted earlier in the week.


Stewart presenting Elsenham's Objections to Cllr. Barker

Cllr. Barker facing the multitudes


Councillor Barker then made herself available to answer questions and whilst perhaps not all her answers were received with acclaim the people present appreciated the opportunity to talk to her and express their views.

Click here to see a letter from David Morson, District Councillor for Henham and Elsenham

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Young People of Henham and Elsenham Petition Presented

 Friday 4th January 10.00am

Children and parents With just a week to go before the end of the consultation period, a good crowd of  children and parents  went to the Council Offices to see Councillor Catherine Dean, the Chair of Uttlesford District Council receive a petition containing more than five hundred signatures of children and young people from our villages.
It was presented to her by Alice Brooks aged 15 from Henham who read her a prepared speech setting out the opposition to the options. (Click here to see the full speech)

Councillor Dean accepted the petition and promised to pass it to the U.D.C. planning department.

Alice Brooks and Councillor C. Dean
Catherine Dean passing the signatures to Roger Harborough A few minutes later Catherine passed the signatures to Roger Harborough, Head of Planning and Housing Strategy.

Contrary to what some people in the Uttlesford Council may have thought, this was not a 'political' demonstration.  It was young people showing their concern about what the U.D.C. intend to do to our villages. 

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Boxing Day Walk (by Don Sturgeon)

Around 100 people, including mums, dads, assortments of children and dogs arrived at the Elsenham top playing field at 11.00am, just in time for the photo shoot where the children took centre stage with the SAVE OUR VILLAGE banners.  A few stragglers caught up as we formed a long snake of well wrapped bodies on a beautiful morning which had been preceded by Christmas day rain causing several children’s buggies to get stranded.  Lifting gear had to be called for at several points but apart from a few muddy coats, no major incidents.  We were taken around the field’s ear marked by Fairfield, passing the badger sets and the stunning views of which we are currently blessed.  There was a positive atmosphere and lots of banter which continued in The Crown public house where the walk finished at around 12.45pm.

Boxing Day Walk

Our thanks to the organisers of this event and to all who took part in what is an annual Elsenham event, this year slightly marginalised by several of us Henhamites!

P.S.  My apologies to those I was talking to en route who may have noticed a slightly unpleasant whiff.  My dog, Jedi (coz he only has one eye!) left a deposit on the path at a very early stage which quite appropriately ended up in a plastic bag in my wax jacket pocket for the whole of the walk!

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Tasmin Makes The Front Page in The Herts and Essex Observer - see the latest edition and also below.  She takes on the Uttlesford Councillors.

Tuesday 11th December  -  7.45 pm.  A very brave and articulate Tasmin Lees aged 12 from Elsenham  addressed the meeting of the full council at Uttlesford Council Chambers.

She had written her own speech and gave council leaders her not too flattering opinion on their behaviour in promoting the building of 3000 or more houses in her village.  The Chair of the Council, Councillor Catherine Dean, congratulated her and added that Tasmin was probably the youngest person to ever have spoken at such a meeting. 

Tasmin's mother, Petrina then followed with very well  reasoned observations on the way the Consultation Period was being conducted.  She was particularly critical of the quality of the consultation leaflet and the fact that the full consultation document was very difficult to download.  She stressed to council members that too much reliance had been placed on the use of the internet and that many residents did not possess computers whilst others did not have either the skill of ability to respond electronically.

A question and answer session followed and again the manner of consultation was questioned by some members. I personally found the responses defensive and less than satisfactory and in the main unhelpful.  Councillor Barker totally rejected a request to extend the Consultation period and stated that she had never referred to the proposed development as an 'eco-settlement'. 

Both Petrina and Tasmin were subsequently interviewed by The Breakfast Programme on BBC Radio Essex this morning, 12th December, but I unfortunately was not up early enough to hear it. I did hear it later by listening to it via their web site but the link has now been removed.

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