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Your financial help is urgently required 

Cheques should be made payable to JPCSG (Joint Parish Council Steering Group) and addressed to : -

Nick Baker - Ham Cottage, Woodend Green, Henham, Essex CM22 6AZ


Henham Save Our Village (SOV) 100 Club


Frequently Asked Questions Payment and Application 100 Club Rules Application Form  and
Standing Order Mandate


Save Our Village raise valuable funds every year for the sole purpose of defending our local villages against unsustainable and badly planned housing development. Money raised, is used to provide funding to pay for expert advice and legal representation to defend our villages in the best way possible to ensure only appropriate and locally supported development is approved on an ongoing basis.

Your support and funding is vital to achieve this goal. By joining the 100 Club, you can help ensure SOV continues to fight in a professional and appropriate manner to help protect your family’s interests and village life whilst at the same time having a chance to win a cash prize every month!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with 100 Clubs, the idea is that 100 (more or less) people participate in a private non commercial small society lottery, regulated under the Gaming Act 2005 and registered with Uttlesford District Council (UDC) 

To try and explain how this works, we have provided answers to a few frequently asked questions for guidance:

What is a 100 Club?

A 100 Club is a monthly lottery style prize draw.

How does it work?

Everyone 16 and older who enters buys 1 (or more) tickets and each ticket has an equal chance of winning.

How does the money get distributed?

Half of the money goes into the prize fund and the other half goes to SOV

How much are the tickets?

The ticket price is £5, payable either monthly £5 or annually £60 if you prefer.  There is no limit on the number of tickets you can buy and remember the more tickets you buy the more chance you have of winning.

             So what could I win?

The more people playing, the more you could win! Example is as follows: If 100 people buy 1 x £5 ticket i.e. (per month) then the total amount collected would be £500. Half of this is payable as prize money split between 1st and 2nd this could be £175 for the winner and £75 for second if all 100 tickets had been sold or any variation of a 35/15 split depending on the number of players fully paid on the actual day of the draw. Wouldn’t that be nice to win?

How do I give myself a chance to win the SOV 100 Club prizes?

There is an application form and standing order mandate or email and I will send the link or email the forms to you. Please return the application form to Mark Fisher (address below) or drop it in to the Village shop or again via email

Please complete the standing order mandate and either send it off to your bank, in the post or set up via Internet banking if more convenient. Please make payable to:  Henham SOV 100 Club, our bank account details as follows: HSBC Bishops Stortford Sort Code: 40-12-03 Acc. No: 61673807. Alternatively, if you prefer, kindly drop a cheque into the village shop or give to any one of the Parish councillors with 100club written on the back with your contact details phone number and name.

Our plan is to start from November 27th with the first draw taking place on Thursday 4th December.

Only paid members can be entered into the draw.

What is the current prize fund?

Henham SOV100Club has already received a tremendous amount of interest from many people in the village that not only want to support the cause, but also have a chance to win the monthly cash prizes. Our goal, is to try and get as many as possible and hopefully more than 100, but until we have pounded the pavements and commenced active marketing it is difficult to say at this point. One thing for sure, it is a great cause, will be a lots of fun and for two people per month, a nice bonus.

So come on, sign up, get a standing order set up for SOV and help the village retain its character and at the same time, you never know it could be you winning the Henham SOV 100 Club first prize!

Mark Fisher Email:
Barley House High Street Henham CM22 6AS
Mob:07734 473644 Home: 851953

Andrew Cowan  Mob: 07747 621820 


Henham SOV 100 CLUB

Payment and application details:

Tickets are £5 per entry, per month by either standing order sent directly to your bank or online. Cheques are acceptable payable for the year and made payable to Henham SOV 100 Club.  Please print your contact details, phone number and name on the back of any cheques.

Kindly complete the application form or email me directly to confirm your application and how many entries you are applying for. Please return to Mark Fisher, Barley House, High Street, Henham, CM22 6AS

Tel: 851953 or email: or alternatively leave in the box marked Henham SOV 100 Club in the Village shop.

Full details are available to view online at or email for more information.

Site Designer and Manager

 Bill Bates