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As you are no doubt well aware the Government has stated that house building has to increase dramatically and the South and East of England seems to save been targeted disproportionately very heavily. Under these Government directives Uttlesford Council have a legal requirement to increase the housing stock within the District area based on the following.

bullet a total figure set in the East of England Regional Plan,
bullet the number of houses already built or with planning permission
bullet guidance in the recently published Planning Policy Statement 3 on housing (paragraph 59)

According to Uttlesford the bottom line is that: -

The total development requirement for the district is 9,672 dwellings of which 5,466 were either built or were existing commitments. Therefore, the Council needed to provide an additional 4,206 dwellings for the period up to 2024."

The big question was, ‘where are these 4,406 dwellings to be sited?’ The following is my attempt to make sense of what has happened so far.-


April 2006 U.D.C. ran three preliminary workshops for Town & Parish Councils and a range of community groups, businesses and individuals.
July 2006 A questionnaire was published in the summer edition of Uttlesford Life, which asked people for their views on where and how new housing, industry/offices and shops should be built.

Apparently 877 completed questionnaires were returned and additionally some people sent in letters.

bullet Click here to view pdf version of the questionnaire
bullet Click here to view pdf version of the background to the issues and choices raised in the questionnaire
bullet Click here to view pdf version of the Questionnaire Results
January 2007 Following the above consultation the Council produced an outline for their Core Strategy which set out the vision for the District and suggested objectives and policies to achieve this vision. The document, called Policy Choices and Options for Growth Consultation January 2007also suggested a number of options for locations where new housing could be built.

An organisation called White, Young, Green were commissioned by Uttlesford to produce a ‘sustainability appraisal’ of the above document.

bullet You can view a PDF version of the document here

This document has 129 pages and you can view the 9 options starting on page 58.

bullet To view the sustainability appraisal of the "Policy Choices and Options for Growth Consultation Jan 2007" click here.
22 January to 9 March 2007 During these date the above two documents were apparently on 'formal consultation.'  In total, 200 different individuals, groups and developers responded with a total of c.2000 comments Click here to view what was displayed on Uttlesford’s site when inviting comments on the NINE options during this consultation period.
July 2007 A summary of the representations and officer recommendations was published
bullet To view the Summary of representations and recommendations click here
August 2007 An assessment of the growth options was published.
bullet To view the Assessment of Growth Options click here (worth reading)

Apparently both these documents were part of the background documents taken into account in deciding the Council's Preferred Options Document

4th Sept 2007 Environmental Committee of U.D.C. met at a regular meeting. Item 4 on the under ‘Local Development Framework’ was:-

‘Members are to decide the Council’s preferred option for growth which will be the subject of further consultation.’

To assist the members in their decision they had been given a background document called: - Uttlesford Core Strategy - Policy Choices and Options for Growth - Assessment of Growth Options.

The minutes of the meeting include: –

"The Director of Development summarised a comprehensive report on the results of the consultation on the policy choices and options for growth which had taken place in January 2007.  He said that the total development requirement for the district was 9,672 dwellings and 5,466 were either built or were existing commitments. Therefore, the Council needed to provide an additional 4,206 dwellings for the period up to 2024."

The report put forward three options. (As shown above, there had  originally been  9 options but these had been reduced to 3 prior to this meeting). See Local Development Framework – Core Strategy Policy Choices and Options for Growth by Roger Harborough, Head of Planning and Housing Strategy.

During discussions, Councillor Ketteridge the, leader of the majority Conservative Group, (but not a member of the committee), introduced a fourth option, viz.

"To approve the three growth options as outlined in the paper and to add the fourth option of 3,000 dwellings in a new settlement to the north east of Elsenham, 750 dwellings in larger towns and 250 dwellings in villages"

He proposed that this should be the council’s preferred option.

The committee decided to approve the original three options and to identify his fourth option as the preferred option.

The apparent  this fourth option was that it was put forward by the Chair of the Environment Committee, Councillor Barker, at a closed Conservative Group Meeting on 27th August. It had not been discussed with the cross-party Local Development Framework Task Group set up to advise the Council on options at their meeting in the previous week, nor was it shared with the Liberal Democrat Group until half an hour before the Environment Meeting on 4th September. It was not discussed at all with the Independent Group prior to this meeting. At the meeting it had no supporting documentation.

26th Sept 2007 Joint Meeting at OSCA between Henham and Elsenham Parish Councils to discuss the way forward.


28th Sept 2007 Two public meetings at Henham Village Hall and Elsenham Village Hall to inform residents of the Uttlesford Options.  and to rally support for attendance at the SW Area Panel Meeting and the Scrutiny Committee meetings on 2nd and 3rd October respectively.  Both were very well attended.
2nd Oct 2007 Extraordinary Meeting of The Uttlesford District Council South West area Panel at Elsenham Village Hall.  Although it was reported that there were over 200 members of the public present it is to be noted that many people could not gain access to the hall because of its limited capacity. Unfortunately many of the questions put by the public went unanswered.  The Liberal Democrat Councillors requested a 'call in' on the decision by the Environment Committee and the following was agreed-

"The South West Area Panel notes the public disquiet surrounding the announcement of the Council’s Options for Growth strategy and its own dissatisfaction with the extent of information available during public engagement through the panel at previous meetings.  It therefore welcomes the decision to call this in to the Scrutiny Committee and urges the Council to think again.  The Panel believes that no specific locations should be named for the houses at this stage, until further research by the Council’s officers is available, carefully evaluated and communicated to members and the residents of Uttlesford."

3rd Oct 2007 Scrutiny Committee of Uttlesford District Council.

This again was very well attended by residents of Henham and Elsenham especially to hear Item 4 on the agenda, instigated by four councillors including David Morsen,  viz.

Local Development Framework – Core Strategy Policy Choices and Options For Growth – Call in of decision

Prior to the meeting statements were made by the following members of public. M Nicholson, Julia Smith, Martin Herbert, Mr Segar, S Pimblett, P Johnson and R Woodcock. The minutes state that a Summary of Statements made by these people was attached to the minutes although they do not seem to appear on the Uttlesford website.

Following due debate the motion, i.e.

 "that the decision of the Environment Committee on 4 September (minute E18) be referred to full Council"

was put to the vote and was lost by 4 votes to 3.

However, Councillor Ketteridge said he had listened to the views of the public at both meetings and as a result would be prepared to put a motion to Full Council that would ensure that all options were considered equally. He had been advised by officers that the Council must have a preferred option so he would propose that all 4 options would be the Council’s preferred options for the purpose of consultation.

Agenda - Minutes
9th Oct 2007 Full Council Meeting at Uttlesford Council Chambers

Prior to the meeting statements were made by eight members of the public.  The people are not named  and a summary of the statements is posted on the web site as promised in the minutes.

As the Scrutiny Committee had voted not to refer the Environment Committee decision to the full council, Item 4 on the agenda was not discussed.  Also apparently Councillor Ketteridge was constitutionally not allowed to pursue his offer of having all four options as 'preferred options'.  From the minutes however it appears that the Members Question and Answer Session was interesting including

'Councillor Morson passed copies of petitions to Councillor Ketteridge concerning the option in the LDF for 3,000 houses to be built at Elsenham. He said that the petitions contained 568 signatures with a further 53 letters opposing the fourth option.'

Agenda - Minutes

11th Oct 2007 Meeting of the Joint Parishes Steering Group


30th Oct 2007 Environment Committee at Uttlesford Council Chamber.

Again well attended by Elsenham and Henham residents,

The Committee had received a motion  to rescind the decision of the Environment Committee regarding the Local Development Framework"Councillor C. Dean proposed an amendment to the motion, but after due discussion both the motion and the amendment were defeated by 6 votes to nine.

This meant that the four options for growth agreed at the meeting of 4th September would now go forward for public consultation.

Agenda - Minutes

Statement to Minutes - This includes summaries of six representations to the council prior to the meeting, including those of Nick Baker and Don Sturgeon.

1st Nov 2007 Meeting of the Joint Parishes Steering Group

Appointment of officers etc.


26th Nov 2007 Meeting of the Joint Parishes Steering Group

Terms of Reference agreed

Minutes - Agenda

30th Nov 2007 Public Meetings at both Henham and Elsenham

Called to discuss the commencement of the Consultation Period.

Agenda  Minutes of Elsenham (unfortunately none from Henham)

30th Nov 2007 Consultation Period Begins
11th Dec 2007 Full Council Meeting of Uttlesford at the Council Chambers

Petrina Lees and her 12 year old daughter Tasmin addressed the council prior to the meeting (and were subsequently interviewed next day) on Radio Essex.


18th Dec 2007 Public Meeting at Elsenham Village Hall
19th Dec 2007 Public Meeting at Henham Village Hall
11th Jan 2008 Consultation Period Ends
1st Feb 2008 Uttlesford Planning Department state that they will not be able to report on the results of the Consultation to the Environment Committee on 11th March as planned.  They estimate it will be September at the earliest before they will be able to do so.
7th Feb 2008 The Steering Group of The Joint Parishes met and voted to be included as an 'Interested Party' in the action taken by Twigden Homes and Bellwinch Homes (two developers having plans for development of small parcels of land in the U.D.C area) who have instigated a joint action against U.D.C. over the manner/process in which the decision to make Option 4 was arrived at.
11th Mar 2008 Environment Committee Meeting

We were informed that because of the overwhelming volume of responses to the recent Consultation it would not be possible to process the data or report back findings until September 2008 at the very earliest. There have also been a number of additional submissions by other developers which have to be considered. As a result, the programme for the adoption of a draft Core Strategy will not be available until early in 2009 with an adoption of the Strategy in 2010. There are no guarantees of any outcomes at this stage. During the debate there were calls to totally rethink the whole process and to make any future decisions Council led father than developer led, based on sound research and evidence of infrastructural capability. Cllr Barker ,Chair of the Environment Committee, and author of Option 4 said that future decisions would be made on the advice of Officers and that nothing had been ruled in or out at this stage.

Agenda  Minutes  Briefing Document to Members

6th Mar 2008 Joint Parishes Steering Group Meeting
11th Mar 2008

In recent weeks The Herts and Essex Observer had been trying to discover how many councillors had actually visited the proposed sites for the developments outlined in their options, particularly their preferred Option Four.  Their enquiries revealed that many, particularly the Conservatives who had introduced the option, had not done so.  As a result a coach trip was organised to tour the Henham, Elsenham and Stansted areas which would be affected.  Of the 44 councillors individually invited, only 25 bothered to reply and 4 accepted.  These four were all Liberal Democrats.  In spite of this the trip went ahead with plenty of room for television crews from the BBC and ITV on the coach. 

The guide for the occasion was Comedian Ed Byrne accompanied by Top Gear editor Jason Barlow, both Henham Residents. The route took in not only a circular tour of the affected villages and countryside but also of the totally unsuitable road infrastructure connecting the proposed development to the M11 and included the difficulties of Grove Hill and Chapel Hill in Stansted.  The event concluded at The Cock in Henham where the bus was met by actor John Savident also a Henham resident.

Both TV companies featured the tour in their evening programmes.  It was a great shame that so few  Councillors thought fit to accept the invitation. 

13th Mar 2008 Meeting Called  by Right Hon Sir Alan Haselhurst

On Thursday 13th March, the Right Hon Sir Alan Haselhurst, our MP, brokered a meeting between representatives of Uttlesford Parish Councils, himself and senior members of the Uttlesford Planning Department in an effort to reach an unofficial consensus on the placement of additional housing with the District. No official minutes were taken, but click here to see a summary from Stewart Pimblett (Elsenham PC) and Martin Nicholson (Henham PC) who represented their villages at the event.

3rd April 2008

On Thursday 3rd April we were devastated to hear that the land to the north-east of Elsenham (most of which is in the Parish of Henham) had been put on a short list of 15 locations to be developed into Eco Towns (click here to view). The scale of the proposed development is far beyond what was envisaged by Option 4.  Later on this year the list will be reduced to a final list of ten. 

The announcement was made by Caroline Flint, the Minister for Housing and Planning.  The Department of Communities and Local Government have published a document called 'Eco-Towns, Living a Greener Future' which may be viewed by clicking here.  This document which runs to nearly 60 pages sets out Government policy and how the process will allegedly work.  It envisages that 5000 homes and possibly more in the long term will be built.  It mentions in the introduction to the Elsenham plan that a new settlement in this location is Uttlesford's preferred option for building 3000 houses. 

3rd April 2008 Joint Parishes Steering Group Meeting - Minutes
4th April 2008

On Friday 4th April at 10.00 am Conservative U.D.C. Councillors organised a press call in the car park at Elsenham Station which overlooks part of the 250 hectare site. Its purpose was to state their opposition to having an Eco-Town in Uttlesford. Amongst a number of Conservative Councillors present were Cllrs. Barker, Cheetham and others who up till now had been staunch supporters of preferred Option 4.
Our MP, The Right Hon, Sir Alan Haselhurst, addressed the fifty of sixty present and stated that as with the plans for the second runway at Stansted the Conservative Party were totally against Eco-Towns and the damage both would do to a beautiful part of the country.  He said that it was the start of a sustained and hard battle and we would resist the proposals all the way.  None of the Councillors spoke publicly although they gave interviews to the press.

9th April 2008 Scrutiny Committee Meeting U.D.C  - Minutes

Item 4 on the Agenda was:-

To receive a petition stating as follows:-

"We the undersigned residents hereby petition Uttlesford District Council’s Scrutiny Committee to undertake a review of the procedures and processes relating to the Local Development Framework (LDF) and the Local Development Scheme on information and evidence, consultation, and public involvement, and make recommendations so that future work on the LDF by the Council is carried out in a more thorough and effective manner."

Andrea Barlow, a Henham Resident presented the petition signed by over 200 people and spoke to the committee very eloquently.  (Click here for a copy of her speech.)  Members kept referring to their U.D.C. Solicitor on points of order, conflict of interest, procedure, etc.  They seemed unsure of what their terms of reference were as a committee and at one point a councillor, on the advice of the solicitor asked a question and then had to leave the meeting so that she did not hear the answer.  The net result of the whole thing was apparently they felt that they could not scrutinise the processes until they were completed maybe some date in 2009, (by which time all the damage would have been irrevocably done).

16th April 2008 Two public meetings held in Henham (6.00pm) and Elsenham (8.00pm). Click here for agenda.

Both meetings were very well attended.  They were both chaired by Nick Baker, the chairman of the Joint Parishes Steering Group.  Although the agendas were the same at both, owing to overlapping engagements the speakers in some instances differed. At the Henham meeting, Cllr. Morson spoke about the Government proposal for Eco-towns and stated that we were currently in yet another consultation period which would end on 30th June.  This would be followed by a 'Sustainability Appraisal' from July to October and a decision on the final 10 proposals somewhere between November and February.  As yet it is still unclear whether Uttlesford would still have to build 4,200 houses in addition to the 5000 proposed in the Eco-town.  He stated that of the 5000, 1800 would be 'affordable' homes and that 60% on people living in the town would supposedly be employed locally.  David's speech contained many point included in his latest newsletter which can be seen by clicking here.  Cllr. Alan Dean spoke at the Elsenham meeting whilst covering many of the points made by David, he stated the Lib Dems were going to move an amendment at the full U.D.C. Council Meeting on 22nd April (see above) to Susan Barker's motion which related to the dropping of option 4.  Ray Gooding, our Essex County Councillor stated that E.C.C.  were totally opposed to Eco-towns as well as a second runway at Stansted.  He believed that whilst BAA were denying it, the two proposals were inextricably linked, particularly in relation to the alleged additional 13,000 jobs the new runway would support.  He questioned the Government logic of supporting a highly polluting airport expansion whilst next door also supporting a  supposed zero carbon building project.  Don Sturgeon (Henham) and Petrina Lees (Elsenham) spoke about the work of the J.P.S.G. and that we were still fighting on two fronts, option 4 and the Eco-town proposal.  In relation to the Eco-town and how we can best fight our corner the  were working hard to seek the best planning and legal advice and on our own research to see how we can best fight this new campaign.  Until we know more both Don and Petrina asked that residents initially do nothing.  This was much the same advice given in the early days of fighting option 4.  At the earliest possible moment we would call another meeting to advise residents on how best they can help. At both meetings Don urged residents to donate as much money as they could to the fighting fund.  He stressed that to get the best planning and legal advice for the Eco-town campaign we would have to find a lot more money.  At both meetings Nick took questions from the floor.  Many good suggestions were made and he promised that they would be followed up

22nd Apr 2008

Full Uttlesford District Council  Minutes

There was a good turnout of Elsenham and Henham residents who filled the public seating in the main chamber, the gallery and an over-spill into the annex.  The reason was to hear items 13 and 14 on the Agenda.

However, prior to the meeting starting, John Savident, a resident of Henham gave an impassioned speech surrounding the paradox that the Conservatives were tabling a motion that the council was totally against the concept of an Eco-town in Elsenham and Henham yet still supported Option 4 in the same location.  He urged that the council consider that as a result of the consultation there was ample evidence to now abandon Option 4 and work with their electorate to prevent the Eco-town development.  He stated that if they did so, the allegations of hypocrisy and duplicity would 'magically disappear'. He received a rousing ovation from attending residents which apparently is not 'good form' for a council meeting.  A copy of John's speech can be viewed by clicking here. Also read what the Herts and Essex Observer has to say by clicking here and going to page 9. (click once on the page to zoom in)

here then followed a number of questions and observations from Councillors and in particular from Councillor Morson who wished to know when Uttlesford were first aware of a bid by Fairfield to build an Eco-town in Elsenham/Henham, especially in the light of a document called Land North-East of Elsenham - Eco-town and Expression of Interest, dated October 2007.  It had apparently been lodged with the council in October/November 2007.  He particularly asked Councillor Barker when she had first become aware of it and she replied that she was not aware of it until 'this evening'.

Councillor Alan Dean asked about the selection of Option 4 being the subject of Judicial Revue and Councillor Ketteridge, the leader of the Conservative majority, responded that an application had been made to a judge and that at this time there was no Judicial Revue.

Following the formal opening of the meeting Councillor Catherine Dean, the Chairman of the meeting moved quickly to Item 13 on the agenda. which was in the hands of Mr. John Mitchell, the Acting Ch. Exec. and Chief Planning Officer, viz. -

'To receive the attached report on the Department for Communities and Local Government consultation document ‘Eco-towns – Living a greener future’.

Mr Mitchell talked to a circulated document.  This can be viewed by clicking here. Whilst I cannot attempt to summarise Mr. Mitchell's presentation, on the first page of the his document was a reference to the alleged fact in the Eco-towns - Living a greener future report,  Uttlesford had 3,954 on the waiting list, whereas Mr. Mitchell stated it was in fact about 1200.  (Interesting to note that later in the following debate Councillor R. Chamberlain gave a further informed breakdown of of the 1200 figure which indicated that Uttlesford's real housing need was considerably less than this).

Item 14 on the agenda then followed.  It was:-

(i) To consider the following Notice of Motion proposed by Councillor Susan. Barker:

‘This Council is totally opposed to the development of an Eco Town north east of Elsenham as proposed in the Department of Communities and Local Government’s consultative paper, "Eco-Towns – Living a greener future" published on Thursday 3 April and will campaign to have this proposal removed from the short list.'

This was amended by Councillor Barker, (the exact wording will appear in the minutes when published, but see below) to include any other such new town in the U.D.C. area.  The Liberal Democrats submitted a further amendment which sought to re-start the L.D.F process.

Full discussion then followed. 

In support of her motion Councillor Barker said the following, ( Click here)

The Conservatives stated that they could not abandon Option 4 until the due process was completed.  They were afraid of Judicial Revue on their decision (in spite of the fact that if they removed Option 4 from the scene, one Judicial Revue in the pipeline would probably disappear.  Who is going to complain, apart from Fairfield of course?)  It is  quite possible that due to their prevarication, their decision on Option 4 would be delivered after the government had made up their minds about the final short list.  Bizarre!

In the event, the Lib. Dems. amendment was defeated and the motion carried as far as I could see unanimously.

2nd June 08 Public Meetings at Henham and Elsenham (Click here)
17th June 08 Environment meeting

See and hear the speeches through Herts and Essex Video - Click Here

Minutes - click here

A good representation from Henham and Elsenham attended a meeting of the Environment Committee at the U.D.C Council Chambers, Saffron Walden where two items on the  agenda were of considerable interest to our villages. Prior to the meeting, two speakers, Tasmin Lees, a schoolgirl from Elsenham and Jason Barlow, a journalist from Henham addressed the committee members.

Tasmin speech, (click here to view) concentrated on two main points. Firstly, the Overview of Representations Received, (introduced in item 7 of the agenda see below) failed to produce 'real figures' and seemed to imply that only residents of Henham and Elsenham had objected to option 4.  Secondly, she was critical of U.D.C. in that whilst they had stated their opposition to Eco-towns they had left it until two weeks before the consultation closed before circulating a leaflet asking people to respond but giving no guidance as to "why the proposal is nonsense." She finished by pleading to U.D.C. to support their objection to an eco-town by removing option 4.

Jason was far more direct and critical about the U.D.C. and likened the situation they had created as worthy of a 'Tom Sharpe' novel.  He concluded by saying,
'Surely a District Council which is genuinely committed to stopping an eco-town being built on its own territory would declare Option 4 as unworkable and withdraw it.' (click here to read a draft of his speech).

The meeting then commenced and it was some time before Item 6 was reached, viz.

To decide U.D.C's 'Response to D.C.L.G's Eco-town Consultation'.  To this end, Roger Harborough,  Head of Planning, had produced a Briefing Paper  to which he spoke at length.

A prolonged discussion ensued about what should be included in the response.  Pleas to remove option 4, (including an excellent representation from Councillor David Morson), were rejected on the grounds that the full process of evaluating the LDF had not been completed.  The main fear was that the Council felt that they might be liable to legal challenge should they do so at this stage. However, apart from this, for the first time there were signs that the represented political parties were beginning to work together. The original wording of the response had been centred about U.D.C.'s opposition to eco-towns per se rather than concentrating on the Elsenham proposal, it being a Planning Department opinion that this was an early stage in the proceedings and that a more 'site specific' responses could be introduced later. Councillor Catherine Dean proposed a number of amendments however, which included stressing that considerable local opposition had already been received to building on the site, that it was a green-field site and not a brown-field one and that there were serious doubts about the public and private transport infrastructure.  There was a unanimous vote on the item, the full wording of which we may see in due course.

Item  7 was on the 'Core Strategy Preferred Options Consultation', and was to provided councillors with an overview of representations received.
(Please see a 35 page Overview of Representations Received).  Roger Harborough defended its content and lack of detail.  He stated that a fuller report would be available for the Autumn meeting.

Thanks to all those who attended.  A senior Councillor said that a good public turnout had made a lot of difference to the quality of the debate and its outcome. We left the meeting at 10.10pm. - BB

26th June 08 Caroline Flint comes to Uttlesford (see front page)
30th June 08 End of Consultation and a Rally outside Parliament (see front page)
c.28th Aug 08 Tesco withdraw from Hanley Grange
1st Sept 08 Lembit Opik, Shadow Housing Minister visits Elsenham and Henham
3rd Oct 08 Margaret Beckett replaces Caroline Flint as Housing Minister and Fairfield announce their dates for public presentations.
8th Oct 08 Extract From Nick Baker's weekly news letter

Thought it about time I updated you on the present position with the proposed housing development.  We had the first meeting organised by Shelter on 30th September at Elsenham Village Hall. The meeting had smacked of disorganisation from the beginning with a confusion on who was invited, it seems that the Shelter target audience was a perceived underclass of residents who would support the Eco-town concept, particularly the affordable housing. If I can say the attendance was 14 people including 4 District Councillors it gives you some idea of the atmosphere. It was pointed out that the residents of Elsenham and Henham were not against affordable housing, what they were against was the concept of putting all the affordable housing in one place. In all the meeting was a complete waste of time and shows the Government waste of tax payers money in giving Shelter £100,000 to support the eco-town initiative.

Before the Shelter meeting the Parish Councils had met with the Dept of Community and Local Government, U.D.C and Fairfield at the Council Offices in Great Dunmow. We had hoped for some meaningful discussions but were severely disappointed. We considered it a box ticking exercise for the ongoing process and a complete waste of time, especially for those councillors who had taken time off from work.

 We had a useful meeting with Sir Alan Haselhurst yesterday. It enabled us to understand the Conservative position and discuss the best way of defeating these proposed housing developments. The Conservative party policy is opposed to Eco-towns and we urged Sir Alan to write, in no uncertain terms, to the developers clarifying this position if they take office. The announcement that the Conservative party does not support the second runway development is very helpful and dismisses the links between the Eco-town and employment.

October 08

Fairfield hold public exhibitions at Henham Village Hall on Tuesday 14th October between 11am and 4.00pm and at Elsenham Village Hall between 6.00pm and 9.00pm.  Additionally, they were at Saffron Walden Town Hall on Thursday 9th October 12.00pm - 7..pm, Great Dunmow, ET Foakes Memorial Hall on Friday 10th October 12.00pm - 5.30pm and The Hilton Hotel at Stansted Airport on Saturday 11th October 11.00pm - 4.00pm.

4th Nov 08 D.C.L.G announce that Elsenham is on the shortlist  click here

D.C.L.G publish Summary of Consultation responses click here.

The DCLG launch their latest consultation on their 'The Draft Planning Policy Statement - Eco-towns Consultation', (PPS).  Click here to view 

17th July 09 DCLG decision not to include Elsenham in the shortlist of four sites for eco-towns - See the DCLG Decision Statement - click here
Monday 15th  February 2010 Consultation by U.D.C to run until 9th April

Tuesday, 2 March, 7.30pm - South Community Forum, Helena Romanes School, Great Dunmow

Thursday, 4 March, 7.30pm - North Community Forum, Uttlesford District Council, Saffron Walden.

11th & 12th March 2010 Village meetings at Elsenham and Henham respectively.




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